Preform is more suitable for taking the national market
Source:     Published: 2017-02-22
  Plastic bottles as a hollow product, the cost of transport is always open its topic, so the plastic bottle of the localization of the product is more obvious. The preform is the prototype of the plastic bottle, which is the raw material of the blown plastic bottle. At present, the domestic preform manufacturers to far less than the plastic bottle business, while the preform profit is also very low, which determines the preform must be checked to win profits.
       For the preform manufacturers, in order to obtain large-scale development. Must look to the national market, not just the surrounding area. The preform is different from the plastic bottle. Although it is a hollow product, but the preform is not blown capacity is limited, more suitable for transport. Preform enterprises not only directly face the plastic bottle manufacturers, as well as food, beverages, medicine and other packaging companies supporting their own need to use the preform. For the preform business, in the case of guarantee to take the volume, how to improve the individual product profit is also the enterprise can compete to stand out the key. After all, the current preform production threshold is relatively low, almost every product manufacturers can produce. However, the plastic bottle lightweight, plastic bottle material safety, plastic bottle environmental protection and many other market needs are urgently needed from the preform innovation, and only the preform in these areas to improve the plastic bottle sales to bring a good prospect, natural If it is approved, the preform will also have the opportunity.